Is the instant website builder fee ongoing?”

Yes, the monthly fee is ongoing. ?It covers your website design, functionality, hosting, disk space, updates and your backups. ?You can see all of the plans here

Is there a term of contract? What if I cancel?

No contracts

The Website Builder is a subscription based service. There isn?t any contract but there is a fee in place to cover costs for maintenance u0026amp; service.

You can cancel at anytime??

You will get your XML file which is the file with all of your content u0026amp; images that you?ve created.? You can take that file to any other server and import it so that you can have your same site elsewhere.

But the theme u0026amp; design stay with me.? After a year?s subscription you have the option to purchase it outright.

What will it cost me to purchase outright?

After 12 months of having your site with us you can purchase your site outright for $1500AUD. ?You have 3 ways that you can continue using your website after you own it:

1) Upgrade your theme for free u0026amp; stay hosting with me

You can stay with us and upgrade your theme to any theme of your choice (if you are on a?Professional or Small business plans). ?I?ll be adding new themes all the time, and will ensure that the designs always stay looking fresh and never outdated.

2) You can move to a new server. ?

This means that we won?t host your site for you anymore. ?You?ll get a copy of your files, including the theme, the XML file and your Custom CSS file. ?It will be up to you to setup your site on your new server. ?You?ll need to setup all of your widgets again, this is something that doesn?t stay in any theme setup, so you?ll need to do that yourself, or hire a programmer to do it.

3) Continue?hosting with us

You can buy your site outright for $1500AUD, and continue hosting with us. ?So instead of paying the normal monthly fee, for the basic (Newbie) plan you?ll pay only our hosting costs of $30AUD/month and have your own developer look after it. ?If you want us to update your plugins u0026amp; software, along with security patches it is an extra $300/year. ?If you broke that down into months, you?re paying $55/month anyway ? and that?s without a website.

What’s the difference between the Done for you website and the Instant Website Builder?

The Instant Website Builder is just that – an instant website from the time you register it. You can update your information and photos yourself, change your colours to any of the theme’s choice of colours. There’s no setup fee and only $47 or $97 a month depending on the plan you choose.

The Done for You Websites we build for you in 3 days. We do everything while you sit back and relax. We’ll update your colours u0026amp; branding, add your images and up to 5 pages of content. ?We don’t alter the design or look and feel of the design you choose. ?We manage your website for you and keep your site secure. ?You own your website outright and can move to any hosting if you’d like in the future. ?The setup fee covers this cost. The monthly retainer on this package is $97/month and includes 1 x blog post and content edit a month. ?You can upgrade to any of our Website Care Plans at a 10% discounted rate.

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