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Grow your business fast by creating and launching a course with thesitecoach templates.

Importance of having anOnline Course

You aim to expand your business and income, and creating an online course is the simplest route. Luckily, with Thesitecoach, generating a profitable online course is quicker and easier than ever!

Here's How It Works...

Accelerate course creationusing templates

Speed up course creation using Thesitecoach templates. Choose from various teaching styles and even sell your own templates.


While creating your course in Thesitecoach, you can put down notes for each lesson within the software for internal purposes. This feature is highly beneficial for coaching and keeping track of areas that might require content additions or updates.

Advance course managementcapabilities within your course.

Funnel editor functionalities now available for courses, enabling direct user management and session tracking.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Package and sell your knowledge in an organized way online to reach students all over the world. With the Thesitecoach all-in-one system, there’s no need for any 3rd party programs while you build, promote, and sell your online courses.

With pre-designed Thesitecoach templates, you can get your online course up and running in as little as a few minutes.

Yes. Thesitecoach Analytics helps you track average course progress, individual student course progress, and more.

No! Everything about Thesitecoach (including the course editor) is designed to be simple! The Thesitecoach Page Editor is “drag and drop” easy. You don’t need to be a tech-wizard, or coder in order to build an online course. And you don’t have to HIRE a tech team in order to build out your course material.

Yes! Thesitecoach provides a variety of online course templates for those who aren’t designers, while still being flexible enough to start from scratch if you’d like.

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