4 Hour Retainer

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your website maintenance and updates?

Let me handle the addition of things like text, images, videos, forms, products and new sections, or make minor design changes or fix any technical or backend issues.

With this flexible retainer, you only pay for the time you use, topping up when you need it so you’re not trapped in an automatic rollover.



  • Purchase the number of hours you’d like – either the 1-hour option at $120 or the 4-hour option at $396 or $99/hr (save $84)

  • I’ll send you a link to your own private Client Portal, which you’ll access with a password.

  • Whenever you need work done on your website, log in to your Client Portal and complete a request form.

  • I’ll send you an estimated time to completion (it can be as little as 1-2 business days, depending on the extent of the work and my current schedule.)

  • I’ll notify you when the work is completed.

  • Your Flexible Retainer will be adjusted according to how long the task took.

  • I’ll notify you when the retainer balance approaches zero so you can jump into your Client Portal and purchase a top-up.

  • Your retainer balance and a list of all work performed will always be available in your Client Portal. You have 12 months to use the retainer.


  • Adding or updating website content, such as text, images, audio files, buttons, forms and videos.

  • Adding new sections to an existing page.

  • Adding any third-party tools used on the website (eg. email service, Google Analytics and Search Console, live Instagram or Twitter feed, etc)

  • Resolving technical issues, such as broken links or error messages – ie. “fixes” involving anything since the original work was completed.

  • Making minor design changes, such as adjusting colours or fonts.

  • Sourcing and/or creating new images.

  • On-site SEO basics for new content (ie. titles, descriptions, alt-text, ensuring correct content hierarchy)

  • Providing how-to guidance in any form.

  • Additional training sessions are available on any aspect of your website.

  • Any other form of consultation and/or advice regarding your website, including any research time needed.


  • Adding pages, online store, blog, scheduling, membership area or any other service with its own set price (see website packages page)

  • Major website redesign.

  • Creating new website content such as blog posts, product descriptions or any other copywriting.

  • Fixing issues caused by third-party integrations not provided by me.

  • Any major build or functionality.

Get started by purchasing a minimum 1 hour retainer.

See below for terms.


Response Times: I will respond to all requests for maintenance or updates within 2 business days of receiving the request. Response times may vary depending on my availability.

Resolution Times: I will work to resolve all requests for maintenance or updates within 7 days of receiving the request. Resolution times may vary depending on the complexity of the request and my availability.

Availability: I will be available during business hours to respond to requests for maintenance or updates. Emergency requests outside of business hours will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Communication: I will communicate regularly with you, the client, to provide updates on maintenance or update requests. Communication may take place via email, phone, or other agreed-upon methods.

Service Scope: The scope of services covered under the retainer is outlined above. I will provide services within the agreed-upon scope and notify the client if any requested services fall outside the scope of the retainer.

Exclusions: Excluded services are outlined above.

Billing: You will be informed when your retainer balance is nearing zero. You can top-up your retainer by purchasing additional hours via your Client Portal. Any additional services requested outside the scope of the retainer will be billed separately.

Expiry: You have two years from the date of purchase to use the retainer funds.

Termination: You or I may terminate the retainer at any time by providing 2 business days’ notice.

Data Protection: I will handle all client data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and best practices as outlined in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

4 Hour Retainer

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