Sell Products And Process Payments Seamlessly In Your Funnel

Easily manage a variety of products and payments with thesitecoach, spanning from online courses and memberships to physical goods and bundled offerings.

Why Products &Payments Matter?

Effortlessly streamline product and payment creation and management with Thesitecoach. Experience the simplest and most efficient way to oversee and manage all your products and payments seamlessly

Here's How It Works...

Generate invoicesseamlessly using Thesitecoach

Invoicing is a very important part of any business. It helps you keep track of your expenses, and it also allows you to get paid for the work that you do. You can easily create invoices from within the system.

Discounts andCoupons Management

Coupons are integral for business efficiency, aiding in expense tracking and facilitating payments. With our system, generating coupons is a streamlined process, providing a convenient method to apply discounts and enhance client transactions.

Effortless ProductSales with Thesitecoach

Selling products is fundamental for business, and our platform offers a comprehensive approach. With integration capabilities from Stripe,, NMI, and Paypal, our system supports various selling options including primary products, bump products, and upsells.

Apple Pay andGoogle Pay Integration

Experience expanded payment options with our integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay support. Seamlessly process transactions with added convenience and security, providing customers with versatile payment choices for an enhanced checkout experience.

Tap 2 Pay: Streamlined POS Collections for Swift,Secure Checkouts

Tap 2 Pay streamlines POS collections with swift, secure checkouts. Complete transactions seamlessly using contactless options, ensuring speed and convenience. Our system employs advanced encryption for utmost security, supporting a wide array of payment methods from cards to mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Package and sell your knowledge in an organized way online to reach students all over the world. With the Thesitecoach all-in-one system, there’s no need for any 3rd party programs while you build, promote, and sell your online courses.

With pre-designed Thesitecoach templates, you can get your online course up and running in as little as a few minutes.

Yes. Thesitecoach Analytics helps you track average course progress, individual student course progress, and more.

No! Everything about Thesitecoach (including the course editor) is designed to be simple! The Thesitecoach Page Editor is “drag and drop” easy. You don’t need to be a tech-wizard, or coder in order to build an online course. And you don’t have to HIRE a tech team in order to build out your course material.

Yes! Thesitecoach provides a variety of online course templates for those who aren’t designers, while still being flexible enough to start from scratch if you’d like.

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