WordPress for Small Business Websites

wordpress for small business websitesIf you?ve created a business website in the past, you?ve likely come up against problems designing and maintaining a site that represents your company well. You may have created a website that didn?t meet the vision of your business because your content management system limited your use of themes and templates or didn?t allow you access to the site?s code. You were stuck with a site that looked much like every other site created on the system.

You need a professional business website that is aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate and distinctive from your competitors. There are many reasons that you need to work with WordPress in order to get all of that in one affordable package.

Open Source Is Accessible and Free

wordpress is open source and ideal for small business websites

WordPress is an open source program. This means that it was designed with the intention of allowing users to make changes that fit their individual needs. You?re never locked into one look and feel for your website because you can freely change the code. There are thousands of templates and themes now available for this system, so your options are endless when it comes to creating a unique site design that fits your business well.

That sounds amazing, but what?s truly amazing is that this is all offered for free. While you have to pay for your domain hosting and register your domain name each year, you will never have to pay WordPress for the right to use their system.

However, that being said, free is not always best and if you don’t have the time to figure out how to build a website yourself from scratch, it’s best to speak to the professionals (us). ?We don’t use any ‘free’ themes, we use the Genesis framework which is among the industry’s best framework. ?We ensure that the design is fast loading, clean code and built to suit your requirements with the right colours and layout that will appeal to your audience.

Turn WordPress into a?Small Business Website

WordPress may have started out as a blogging resource, but it?s no longer limited to blog building. You can create a multi-page website with a static front page that looks just like any other website. If you want to create a blog with added pages that function much like an extended website, that?s possible with WordPress as well. Of course, you can still stick to the traditional blog style if you don?t want a more extensive website.

wordpress for small business websites responsive design Wide Availability of Responsive Themes

Successful business websites must now be just as easy to download and navigate on a smartphone and tablet as they are on a laptop or desktop computer. Responsive web designs are required to ensure this functionality, and WordPress is a leader when it comes to availability of that technology. You don?t have to know how to design a responsive site because there are many themes already out there that have you covered.

E-commerce Solutions are Widely Available and Affordable

Turning a WordPress website into an efficient ecommerce site is very possible. We use one of the best and highest rated ecommerce platforms on the market and integrate it into all of our websites. It’s called “WooCommerce”. ?WooCommerce makes it extremely easy for clients to manage and update products and they can easily edit and add?product images and descriptions.

Compatible with Membership Websites

Membership websites aren?t used by all businesses, but they are a great way to bring in a secondary stream of income if you have something of value to offer members. The problem is that many content management systems aren?t easily adjusted to this site model, and some won?t allow membership sites at all. WordPress is different because you can create virtually any type of site that complements your business.?We offer a membership functionality on our premium website package.

Functionality Galore

You may need a long list of plugins to make your WordPress site perform to your expectations. Many of the tasks you want to perform are already built into the system, including:

  • One-click content posting
  • Search engine optimized
  • Blog comment fields
  • 70+ language options
  • Multi-user logins u0026amp; management
  • Multimedia content

Whether you want to upload a video in your blog or insert an audio file to welcome visitors to your homepage, you can do it with WordPress quickly. Of course, there are also thousands of plugins designed for WordPress, and you can drastically improve the performance and appearance of your site if you take advantage of some of them. ?We include what we think are the most robust and efficient, and safe, plugins around.

Intuitive for Inexperienced Users

Here?s one great thing about WordPress: you don?t need an advanced degree in web design to use it efficiently. It?s incredibly easy to install, and many domain hosting services make this a one-click process. You can take advantage of themes and plugins without complicated compatibility checks or installations, and WordPress will even tell you when updates are available for your themes and plugins. The backend is simple and to the point, so managing your content is easy.

A Note About Security

In closing, let?s talk about the number one reason you should use WordPress to build your business website: it?s the safest content management system out there today. WordPress releases regular updates which address any known security threats, and they?re fast to respond when an attack is expected or experienced. Some competing systems are far more lax when it comes to protecting users, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind with WordPress.

That said, it?s still important to secure your site as much as possible. For instance, install an app that will allow you to turn your login into a two-step process incorporating a code sent to your smartphone. You?re going to invest heavily in your site, so it?s worth the extra time to put security first. Lucky for you, we provide monthly updates, maintenance and firewalls to keep your site safe when you are on one of our plans. ?We also make a monthly backup to ensure that files are always secure.

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