3 Tips to Help Grow Your Small Business Online

website tipsRegardless of what business you’re in, the approach for building your business at its core always remains the same, especially when it comes to managing things online.

Here are 3 tips to help grow your business:

1) Create a Website So Clients & Prospects Can Find You

According to some stats posted by Google, 87% of?shoppers do research online before they visit a store. ?So if someone is looking for a particular product or service, and they don’t find you online then odds are they might never make it to your store!
A website is like a business card. It is something that your business should not be without.
If you don’t want to spend money on a website there are free options available.

When obtaining a website a few key things to look for are:

  • Is it Google friendly (will your be found in Google search for words relating to your industry)
  • Does it have a blog feature (How will your communicate your message and expertise to your clients and potential clients on a regular basis?)
  • Does it have ads on it (E.g This site was made by free builder – if it does your client might think you’re only new with little experience)
  • Does it have a photo gallery (is there a dedicated space for your portfolio, and is it done so that it won’t slow your site down)
  • Is it built in the latest technology (brides know when something is old and outdated)
  • Is it mobile friendly? (Since more than 80% of people are using their smartphone to search online)
With a website, your?potential business partners and customers can immediately see what my services are, my fees, and the quality of my product. ?It is an effective marketing tool that no business should be without.

2) Create a Database of Email Contacts

A database of e-mails will keep you in constant contact with your clients. ?You can send them information on a regular basis and share your monthly specials to increase sales. Best of all, they can refer you to their friends?as well.Not everyone has the money to spend on a big marketing, and not always is big advertising?worth the money if you don’t see sales afterwards.

E-mails and contact information of ‘real’ customers?will add value to your business and convert into sales.There are tools available on the internet that can show you how to do this easily. ?This will make your life much easier once you take your business online…because soon you’ll have to! ?The internet is the FASTEST growing industry in the world!zoho-crmYou can use a CRM like Zoho which has a free option, there are other more expensive options such as Infusionsoft or Salesforce as well. ?But they will help you to manage your clients and business more efficiently than a spreadsheet or email system.

3) Contribute to a Blog Within Your Industry

An excellent way to display your expertise is by contributing to a blog. ?When potential clients?read your?articles, they will be able to sample your ideas, learn about your style and what you offer. ?It gives a customer a great introduction to your services.
Best of all, this is FREE advertising for you! ?It doesn’t cost you a sent to write an?article. ?If you have your e-mail and website printed below your?article?brides who liked what you have to say can immediately contact you.If you’d like contribute to one of my?blogs send me your?article?and I’ll post it for you, and you’ll get an author profile?which will link back to your website, and tell the reader about your business.
Keep in mind that the sites that you post on reflect the type of business that you have. ?So don’t post on a site that is not of the same standard as your own business. ?Think about your customers, what types of sites do they like to visit? What sites offer the quality of information that they’re looking for. Remember, people?today are web savvy, they’re smart and they like nice things!
Sure, there’s an option of posting your promos and info to Facebook, but the problem with that is that messages and information can get lost in the newsfeed. ?With a posted article on a website, your information is there forever and can always easily be found online, especially when?someone is searching on a specific topic in Google.


“I highly recommend The Site Coach”
Thanks to Mala we have been able to rest easy knowing that our website is in good hands. A complete package for us. Website design, implementation and maintenance all taken care of. Any website issues that we encounter are quickly resolved and her services represent fantastic value for money.

Melissa Spilstead
Hypnobirthing Australia, Gold Coast, QLD

“I found Mala to be extremely supportive during the process of my website design”
She was knowledgable and consistent with the support which was always provided in a timely manner.
Great experience, time frame was great, support excellent and quick!

Kirsty Fantini
Early Years Training, Glenorie, NSW

"Mala was so patient and prompt with her work"
I have been working with Mala for a few years now. I appreciate her patience with me and my lack of tech savvy. Mala is creative and purposeful in her approach. She is responsive and very professional. Thank you Mala and The Site Coach for all you do for me.

Paulette Davis
Bahamas Wedding Planner

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